Flight of the Nighthawk

by Phillip Le Ross

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A soundtrack to road trips inspired by some good friends who have taken flight with their family to travel the world, one journey at a time. The name of the album comes from the blog of their exploits (www.nighthawkflight.com), the Nighthawk being the worthy camper van they made their first adventures in. Sorry, I meant advantures.

Dedicated to the travelling pentad: Claire, J.D., James, Jasper, and Sage. May the Nighthawk ever grace the skies!


released December 16, 2013

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Phillip Le Ross

Thanks to everyone who lent time and voice to the project: Mary-Anne, Aylah, Grace, Jake, Christina, Nelson, Emilia, Abi, William, James, and of course the Nighthawk crew themselves, Claire, J.D., James, Jasper and Sage.

All photography used under Creative Commons license and by Claire.

Images processed using Inkscape and pixlr.com.



all rights reserved


Phillip Le Ross British Columbia

My name is Phil and I'm a singer-songwriter living on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I'm also a husband, a father, and a municipal worker. Somewhere in between all that, I try my best to follow the inner pull that urges on the next new song. My musical interests are varied and this reflects itself in the type of songs I write. Thanks for listening! ... more

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Track Name: Think We'll Go For A Ride
Way out there is the setting sun
And some folks' long night has just begun
We're chasing trees
We're melting snow
Night's first star, tell us where to go

Our wheels are round, as round can be
They carry you and they carry me
Ain't none of these roads we've found so far
Can carry me away from where you are

I think we'll go for a ride
Track Name: Flight of the Nighthawk
If I take a right at the next light
We'll take flight and say hello to the night
Through the fog and the smog we'll cut a path
And the moon and the stars will join us for a laugh
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

No need for ships or boats we'll float above the waves
And exclaim to the sky that the ocean saves
A kiss for it a little bit of love is all they're asking

And in that embrace we'll fly away
Into the sunset
The world's at our doorstep
And after the sunset
We'll take one more step
Into the sunset
The world's at our doorstep
Track Name: Autumn's Dreaming
The grass is growing, glowing green
I get down low and stay unseen
The game is war, and war's the game
But my daydreaming mind's aflame

I close my eyes and I leave the ground
The world's bound like a book I've found
Turn a page and forget my age
Lost in the cage of a tyrant's rage
Plan my escape with wit and charm
Skill of a sword and a steady arm

Oh the place I knew the best
Autumn's dreaming, Winter's rest
I'll return to play the game
Spring's alighting Summer's flame
Track Name: Tell Me This One Thing
Tell me a story of when we first met
It was down by the water I'll never forget
Oh the lake I remember was so warm that year
We met at the creek were you sleeping my dear?
Only dreaming my love of your flowing blond hair
It was short and dyed auburn were you really there?
My minds simply dazzled by your beauty and charm
There your memory's returned there's no cause for alarm

Oh, tell me this one thing
Love, you make my heart sing
Like watching the sunrise
Reflect in our child's eyes

You and me
Sitting in a tree