Ocean In Your Eyes

by Phillip Le Ross

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Dedicated to my Dad on his birthday, November 19, 2016.


released November 19, 2016

Words and music by PL except for Track 4, text by Muso Soseki (1275-1351), music by PL



all rights reserved


Phillip Le Ross British Columbia

My name is Phil and I'm a singer-songwriter living on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I'm also a husband, a father, and a municipal worker. Somewhere in between all that, I try my best to follow the inner pull that urges on the next new song. My musical interests are varied and this reflects itself in the type of songs I write. Thanks for listening! ... more

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Track Name: Afloat, Asunder
I came to the surface; I forgot to dive
And on top of the waves I learned to ride.
My face gave gold to the setting sun
The moon was a treasure I would hunt for fun
And I rode and I rode till I was done.

It's a beautiful gift that I didn't deserve
And I laughed every day till my belly hurt
And the work was hard but I knew it was good
To keep my head above water as long as I could
And my eyes were opened and I understood

I breathed in as much as my lungs could take
And I pushed my heart till I felt it break
And all the little pieces like shooting stars
Flew too high and they flew too far
And they lit up the night like a thousand scars

I fell under water; I forgot to stay
Life has a habit of going that way
Back to the land that the sun can't reach
Never knew I could drown so close to the beach
Yeah sorrow has a lesson that it wants to teach.

(When I read your words
The voice I heard
Was lucid and yearning
Passionate burning
Like a ship
Without a course
Like a knight
Without a horse
You were led to the edge
And you chose to take a step)
Track Name: Adam's Lament
I look up and see an imaginary tree
and it's the fruit from the tree that I'm wanting
how could something so sweet
be so out of reach
and it's the fruit from the tree that I'm wanting to eat.

I look up and see the brightest part of me
and she knows the desires that I'm holding
of a mystery so deep yet so out of reach
so she gives me the fruit that I'm wanting to eat

I look up and see there is you and there is me
and there's a love in this land that I'm haunting
how could I bear to stay where my innocence lay
I will leave this land that I'm haunting today
Track Name: Sleepful Child, Restless Island
O Sleepful Child, Restless Island,
Come and be discovered by the sea

And let the waters rise above
The ocean in your eyes and follow me

Drowning down you feel like you are
Drowning now by really you are free

Now is not the timing for the laying back and sleeping
There is need to open up your eyes a little wider than the widest they can be

You fake it but you'll make it I know
You take it by force now
But I'll show you how
To love and let go.
Track Name: There Is Only This
The mountain range
the stones in the water
all are strange and rare
The beautiful landscape
as we know
belongs to those who are like it
The upper worlds
the lower worlds
originally are one thing
There is not a bit of dust
there is only this still and full
perfect enlightenment